Selling education online is in our DNA

Languages. Reading. Programming.


Language courses

No matter if you need to learn languages for work, educational purposes or traveling all over the world. We can help you boost your speed and learn them quickly.

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Polish


Programming & reading

Writing code is the one thing. The other is reading fast. Combining both skills helps you achieve goals sooner.

We understand the current world’s economy so we decide to elevate a way to learn coding.

PS. Even if you’re not programming, you can benefit from our fast reading courses as well.


Call Center services

We love to talk with our clients. All of them have unique needs and challenges so our consultants can not assist with overcoming them.

Our team consists of language learning specialists and senior programmers.That guarantees the highest quality and we are proud of that.




Sell your courses with us!

With our help, your courses can become even greater. We may consult the structure, psychology, methodology and finally sell them online.



What is DevCent?

We're an ecommerce-educational company. Our dream is to help 1 000 000 clients worldwide to speak new languages, learn how to code or read fast.

Currently we’re selling our own courses, but if you want to join the DevCent family with your content, don’t hesitate to reach us.

Based on our experience, we will implement the most effective marketing solutions for your courses:

  • Proven marketing strategy
  • Creative graphic design (creations, websites, lead page, advertising creations etc.)
  • Implementation of advertising campaigns in Digital channels
  • Offline media purchase (TV, press, radio)
  • Campaign implementation based on the Call Center

Selling education online is in our DNA

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